FPS Boost Tutorial FPS Boost Tutorial


Here will be a few different ways to increase your FPS within Krunker.IO. You need to download the KrunkerCentral Krunker FPS BOOST pack via the red download button at the bottom of the page. If you find it difficult to follow you can checkout our video we did —> here

Brave Download Tutorial:

  • The first way to increase your Krunker.IO FPS is by installing a new browser called Brave.
  • Brave is a browser more optimized for gaming purposes so you will see a FPS increase.
  • You can download it here —> Brave download
  • Once you do this you will notice a dramatic increase in your frames within Krunker.IO due to it being better optimized

Uncapping FPS within any browser:

  • Search for the browser you want to uncap at the bottom left of your windows bar
  • Right click the browser and click “pin to taskbar”
  • Once it is pinned to the task bar right click it on the taskbar
  • When the options come up right the application again within the options.
  • Click properties
  • Under the shortcut tab in the “Target:” box at the end of the code after the ” mark hit a space on your keyboard then paste the code from the file “Krunker Uncapped FPS Code” part of the download on this page. (Hit the red button to download the pack)
  • Once you have done that click “Apply” and then “Ok”. Restart your browser and it will be uncapped!

CClient Installation Tutorial:

  • This is a client that is optimized to help your Krunker.IO game work for more efficiently for you.
  • Head to the download page for CCLient and hit the red download button. —> CClient download
  • Download the mega file
  • Run the CClient setup
  • Search for CCLient in your windows search bar and are you good to go!

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Credit for the files on the page:


Disclaimer – is absolutely legal and contains only links to other sites such as and others, we do not host any files whatsoever. We also do not make the hacks/cheats we get the skid clients from sources online so please find the owner of the client if breaks terms and services. Again we are not the developers and do not claim to be all credits to developers above.

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